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Layer it – sandwich soles put to the styling test

The sandwich sole with its multicoloured layers is really eye-catching. Blogger Vivienne shows you the best way to show them off.

Our look – Mother-daughter restyling

Tamaris customers Sabine and Linda learned a lot in the mother-daughter restyling, for instance that the right shoes have nothing to do with age.


A trip with Janni Delér

Janni Delér is one of the world’s best-known bloggers. She regularly takes her followers on trips around the world. Included in her luggage: Tamaris!


Lifestyle & Trends

Uplift – Stylish sneakers with plateau soles

Plateau soles with sneakers? Blogger Yassi shows you the best way to style your Uplift trend.


Of Searching and Finding

How does a shoe evolve from a trend? Product Manager Rochus Walter tells us how challenging it is to reinvent a shoe collection over and over again.


Aiming high with Tamaris

The mountain calls but the city attracts! Urban hikers climb the fashion summit, accomplishing the safe ascent from functional shoe to fashion star.

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Autumn lookbook with blogger Vivienne

Blogger must-haves: Crêpe sole, square toe or block heel? Blogger Vivienne reveals her favourite shoe trends for the autumn

Behind The Scenes

Vivienne’s Christmas looks

Little Black , flared circle skirt or maybe a glam sparkly number? Blogger Vivienne showcases her three perfect Christmas looks.


Fashion ABC

From A is for ankle strap to Z is for zoccoli. Learn what key words are used to describe shoes and what they mean.


The FEEL GOOD technologies

Tamaris makes your walk with their technologies much more comfortable.


How a shoe is made!

Shoe production is very complex. It takes a lot of individual pieces, put together by hand, before the first prototype is ready.

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