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Spirit of Africa

Tamaris is answering the call of the wild and going on a style safari through Africa. Between fashion and folklore, between trends and tradition, we find ourselves enchanted by exotic looks.

Just slide – stylish mules

Flat and backless is the motto of the hour. The new mules not only look stylish, they are extremely comfortable – a win-win combination.


Trendreport: Open End

“Backless“ is the catchphrase of the summer – with this trend, the end of the shoe is quite literally open. Whether babouche or mule, sling or sabot – they are all a cause of excitement among fans of fashion.


Lifestyle & Trends

Our look – Mother-daughter restyling

Tamaris customers Sabine and Linda learned a lot in the mother-daughter restyling, for instance that the right shoes have nothing to do with age.


A trip with Janni Delér

Janni Delér is one of the world’s best-known bloggers. She regularly takes her followers on trips around the world. Included in her luggage: Tamaris!


Layer it – sandwich soles put to the styling test

The sandwich sole with its multicoloured layers is really eye-catching. Blogger Vivienne shows you the best way to show them off.

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Autumn lookbook with blogger Vivienne

Blogger must-haves: Crêpe sole, square toe or block heel? Blogger Vivienne reveals her favourite shoe trends for the autumn

Behind The Scenes

Fashion ABC

From A is for ankle strap to Z is for zoccoli. Learn what key words are used to describe shoes and what they mean.


The FEEL GOOD technologies

Tamaris makes your walk with their technologies much more comfortable.


How a shoe is made!

Shoe production is very complex. It takes a lot of individual pieces, put together by hand, before the first prototype is ready.


What does a shoe model do?

If it doesn’t fit, we make it fit! It takes a lot of individual steps before a shoe makes it into the shops.

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