Tamaris Shoe fashion and style tips

Playful braids and weaves decorate the open models this season. Whether as material for uppers, striking on a wedge heel or discreetly as a frame for the shoe – the beautiful braids add accents and give the style the requisite feminine touch. Inspired by naturalistic sounds, the braids and weaves come in nude tones such as beige, powder and rosé or in shades of green such as olive and khaki. Metallic finishes highlight and complete the look and ensure a brilliant appearance.

Name Nimasol-2
Code 1-28716-30
Material Leather
Color OLIVE/OL.METAL (738)
Name Jojoba-3P
Code 1-27138-30
Material Textile
Color NUDE SUEDE (246)
Name Cynara-6T-6T
Code 1-28034-30
Material Synthetic
Color COPPER (901)
Name Jenet
Code 1-28159-30
Material Leather