Tamaris Norge Shoe fashion and style tips

Of Searching and Finding

Milan today, Paris tomorrow, London the next day - this is what trendscouting is all about, so we think. But the reality is not so glamorous. In fact, looking out for the latest trends is not an easy job. Rochus Walter is a product manager at Tamaris and tells us how challenging it is to reinvent a shoe collection over and over again.

Trends shape the world - as well as the shoe world. But how can trends be recognised at an early stage?

ROCHUS WALTER: Trends are becoming more and more short-lived in the digital age. What is IN today, can be OUT tomorrow. Ultimately, the customer determines what is trendy.

What role does "trendscouting" play in your job as a product manager?

ROCHUS WALTER: I am constantly on the lookout for new fashion themes. I am like a truffle hunter who is looking for new ideas every day.

Where do you get inspiration from?

ROCHUS WALTER: Big catwalks can be trendsetting, but social media is an increasingly important source. So are the different music directions, certain musicians, celebrities in general, the most diverse sports, bloggers, etc. They all exert influences that are becoming more and more important.

The search for new trends gets you to the various fashion centres. What cities are the most inspiring in terms of shoe fashion?

ROCHUS WALTER: Well, everyone has their own favourites. Of course the classics such as London, Paris, Milan and New York are trendsetting. Berlin has now become one of the fashion capitals of the world.

How is a trend "tamarised"?

ROCHUS WALTER: This is the challenge of course. We are trying to make trends wearable for everyone, even if these appear way too extreme for some people to start with.

Now, could you give us your expert advice? What is your trend forecast for the coming spring/summer 17 season?

ROCHUS WALTER: Sportiness will play an important role again. Slip-ons, sneakers with a somewhat thicker sole or decorated models with a metallic look - the range is large here. Tamaris is launching its own sneaker line with the name "T-Collection" for the summer season in 2017. Besides that, pop art patches and Ghilly lacing of all types on the varying types of shoe will be important features. Wedges - especially those with an African flair - are up and coming in fantastic materials and colours, while soles with cork and raffia will be something of an eyecatcher.


ROCHUS WALTER is Head of Development at Tamaris and is always looking for trends and inspiration which he can incorporate in the shoe collections.