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Style check: Romantic Opulence

Blogger Vivienne shows you how to skilfully frame velvet and extravagant décor elements.

Trend tip: Floral brocade patterns

Understatement is passé! Fashion bloggers Sophia and Yasmin show you the perfect way to frame the floral brocade patterns.


Rock Reloaded!

The Cosmopolitas show you how to become a real rock star.


Lifestyle & Trends

From the Runway to the Street

We will show you how you can match designer shoes in the day-to-day!


New Look – The big makeover with Marcel!

A look behind the scenes: The runway look can be worn so well in everyday life.


Who is Marcel Ostertag?

Get to know the creative fashion designer!

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Autumn lookbook with blogger Vivienne

Blogger must-haves: Crêpe sole, square toe or block heel? Blogger Vivienne reveals her favourite shoe trends for the autumn

Behind The Scenes

Fashion ABC

From A is for ankle strap to Z is for zoccoli. Learn what key words are used to describe shoes and what they mean.


The FEEL GOOD technologies

Tamaris makes your walk with their technologies much more comfortable.


How a shoe is made!

Shoe production is very complex. It takes a lot of individual pieces, put together by hand, before the first prototype is ready.


What does a shoe model do?

If it doesn’t fit, we make it fit! It takes a lot of individual steps before a shoe makes it into the shops.

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