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Spirit of Africa

Tamaris is answering the call of the wild and going on a style safari through Africa. Between fashion and folklore, between trends and tradition, we find ourselves enchanted by exotic looks.

Floral Garden – A Colourful Sea of Flowers

Blossoming forth! Inspired by the beauty of flora and fauna, floral designs are forging new roots this season. Blogger Janina shows you how to style the floral trend.


Style Check: The Bow Effect

Romantic bows are shedding their cute girly image and becoming the hottest key pieces in shoe fashion. Blogger Valerie shows you how to style a decorative bow look.


Lifestyle & Trends

Style check: backless

Whether mules, sabots or babouches – the new “slip-on shoes” are the must-haves of the season. Blogger Vivienne proves in the Style Check that the open heel can make a real eye catching feature of any shoe.


Just slide – stylish mules

Flat and backless is the motto of the hour. The new mules not only look stylish, they are extremely comfortable – a win-win combination.


Trendreport: Open End

“Backless“ is the catchphrase of the summer – with this trend, the end of the shoe is quite literally open. Whether babouche or mule, sling or sabot – they are all a cause of excitement among fans of fashion.

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Autumn lookbook with blogger Vivienne

Blogger must-haves: Crêpe sole, square toe or block heel? Blogger Vivienne reveals her favourite shoe trends for the autumn

Behind The Scenes

Fashion ABC

From A is for ankle strap to Z is for zoccoli. Learn what key words are used to describe shoes and what they mean.


The FEEL GOOD technologies

Tamaris makes your walk with their technologies much more comfortable.


How a shoe is made!

Shoe production is very complex. It takes a lot of individual pieces, put together by hand, before the first prototype is ready.


What does a shoe model do?

If it doesn’t fit, we make it fit! It takes a lot of individual steps before a shoe makes it into the shops.

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