Tamaris USA Shoe fashion and style tips

Fashion ABC


E like Espadrilles

They carry a label that says “made by nature” – espadrilles are made from pure natural fabrics. The upper is usually robust canvas, the sole the knotted plant fibres that give these light-as-a-feather jute shoes their name. In the past, Spanish farmers made their work shoes from a linen cloth and a sole of esparto grass (prairie grass), which is where the word “espadrilles” comes from. Today, the Spanish cult shoe reminds us more of holidays than work. The real straw shoe feeling remains, but lace-up and leather versions with wedge soles or raffia plateaus have turned the beach classic into a real collectors’ item!


G like Ghillie

The high front lacing typical of gladiator sandals is also called “ghillie”. The name refers to a lacing technique in which the laces are laced not through eyelets but through loops. The criss-cross of the long shoe straps creates an artistic zig-zag pattern on the foot.


M like Mules

Comfortable has never been so sexy. Be it high or flat, any height goes with mules. Even in the 1990s, the character Carrie Bradshaw in the cult series Sex and the City was showing us how sexy heels can be. The term “mule” comes from the French and means “slipper” – the name itself shows just how easy it is to slip into these shoes. On hot summer days in particular, their open toes and heels provide a stylish alternative to sandals or pumps. The usually wide straps over the instep provide comfort and hold.


P like Padding

Upholstered and packed with cotton wool, padding creates fashionable special effects. In this textile technique, familiar from leather jackets, foam is laid between the lining and the leather. The padding is then stitched at regular intervals. Step by step, this creates three-dimensional details that provide an exciting change in perspective in fashion.


P for patchwork

Originally, patches were only used to repair clothes, but now they are a stylish addition to the collections of all the big designers. To get the patchwork look, pieces of fabric in different textures and patterns are artistically combined.


S for square toe

Different last shapes are sought-after in different seasons. In autumn, square toes return to the fashion scene. Shoes with a square-toe shape are classic models whose square tips slightly lengthen the foot. Boots and loafers receive a fashionable update with a retro touch!


Z like Zoccoli

“Zoccoli” is an Italian word that means wooden shoe or sandal. Zoccoli are characterised by wooden or hard plastic soles with an upper similar to sandalettes or mules. This is attached to the sole with nails. This summer, zoccoli are leading a hippy comeback with back-to-nature flair thanks to their wooden plateau soles and high heels.