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Layer it – sandwich soles put to the styling test


At Tamaris, lace-ups and loafers are getting layered this coming season. It's all about the trendy sandwich sole, which is giving traditional shoe designs a fresh facelift by means of several coloured layers. Suitable for any occasion – and there will be a few in these shoes! Blogger Vivienne shows you the best way to style the popular sandwich soles.


“Simple but chic – that embodies this look for me! I have matched the shoes and the creamy-white sweater with fringed blue mom jeans. The silver cross-body bag is just the right accessory and is also a little eye-catcher.”

Like a sandwich, these special soles have several layers stacked on top of one another: colourful plastic soles are combined with cork or jute, creating a fashionable layered look. The resulting two-tone look brings a summery lightness to the voluminous soles. Besides the sole, the upper has also become a fashion playground. New details and materials like metallics, snaffles or tassels create fresh accents.

“Layering is not just a practical choice in transitional periods, but is also incredibly stylish. Here it's the long, oversized blouse that creates an interesting contrast and the optical layered look. The silver shoes are the perfect touch of extravagance for the otherwise minimalist look."


“I love neutral shades in winter and spring! You definitely won't be cold thanks to the long blouse layered with the oversized sweater. The metallic blue loafers add a certain something to the look and are incredibly comfy!”

The sandwich sole with its multi-coloured layers is already a true attention grabber in itself. Vivienne shows you the best way to style the casual lace-ups and loafers in her new video for Tamaris TV.

Vivienne from the blog www.feelwunderbar.com