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4 DIY projects for the Christmas period

Christmas is over before it's really begun. That's why Tamaris is subscribing to the Hygge trend this season. Kick back and relax, enjoy the simple pleasures of life and spend time with friends and family. Today, blogger Jennifer will show you four DIY projects to try for yourselves. They'll accompany you through the festive period and give you restful moments of relaxation.

Gingerbread Latte

Our gingerbread latte tastes like a sweet embrace. <3 For others or all for yourself: Jennifer is showing you today how to make the syrup you need in just a few easy steps:
200 g sugar
200 ml water
1 tbsp gingerbread spices

"Just put all the ingredients into a small pot, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Leave to cool and then pour into a sealable bottle. It'll make any cup of coffee taste a little like Christmas."
- Jennifer

Christmas Decorations

"Opulent Christmas baubles? Sometimes less can be more: just ask our Scandinavian friends! Try a door wreath made of only fir sprigs, eucalyptus and olive twigs instead. Small letters spelling 'Merry Christmas' will round off the perfect décor. Garlands of fir and olive twigs will make any room seem cosier, spreading a delightfully festive fragrance as well. So even the most modest and simple decorations can exude wonderful Christmas cheer."
- Jennifer

Knit your own headband

"You'd like to have a cosy and warm headband to match your new Tamaris shoes? Nothing could be easier. All you need to knit one yourself are size 12 needles and thick wool to match the colour of your footwear from Tamaris. Put 10 stitches on the needle and then knit in a rib pattern. So one stitch on the left and then one on the right until you reach the end of the row. Next apply a stitch from the left over each of your left stitches, and do the same on the right. Repeat the process until the headband is 60 cm long. Cast off the stitches and then – for that touch of glamour – twist the headband once before connecting the ends. You wear that twist facing forward as an eye-catching detail. Sew the ends tight and, hey presto, your headband is done!"
- Jennifer

DIY giftwrapping

"Are you waiting for a stroke of genius to turn heads with your Christmas gift wrapping? How about simple packaging paper? Yes, you heard right: packing paper is incredibly versatile and everything other than boring. First take some white ink or an ink pad; then add innumerable little dots to the paper with the eraser on the end of a pencil. You want more glamour? Then spray little twiglets with gold, silver or copper paint for a luminous glow on your personalised gift wrap. So you see: packing paper will be the real star beneath this year's Christmas tree!"
- Jennifer

Have fun trying your hand! We look forward to your pics: share them on social media, hashtag #tamarislifestyleinspiration.

Jennifer from the blog www.jestil.de