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A journey for your senses!

Marcel Ostertag sends you on a journey of the senses with his ‘Opium’ collection. Consciously feeling, touching, trying and taking the time. Fashion and time become one and transform consumption into pleasure.

Marcel Ostertag’s fashion combinations allow us to wallow in time – in the past, in the future and, first and foremost, in the here and now. They especially remind us to enjoy what fashion gives us: freedom, self-fulfilment and passion. Marcel Ostertag’s designer collection ‘Opium’ is a tribute to the life work of Yves Saint Laurent and his ecstatic excesses in the 1970s. Glittering parties and glamorous presentations serve as the perfect inspiration for the new collection by Marcel Ostertag. The name of the collection ‘Opium’ is deliberately chosen and unites all time-travelling women of this world.

In the age of freedom

The fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent is a clear commitment to the freedom of the 1970s – it was the age of hedonism in which the newly won freedom and joie de vivre were enjoyed to the fullest. When creating his perfume, the image of women Yves Saint Laurent had in mind also dates back to this time. A woman characterised by sharp intelligence, sensual beauty and style, who acknowledges and confidently uses her femininity, leaving her own traces in life. This woman does not care about conventions. She is committed to pleasure and sensuality and lives them out.

An attitude for life

This is exactly what Marcel Ostertag depicts in his collection. Aimed at the self-confident woman of our time, rebellious and freedom-loving. For all wearers, the collection is a commitment to what they love and what makes them alive. For Marcel Ostertag; it is the provocative name ‘Opium’ itself that sums up this attitude to life: ‘My love of fashion is like an addiction. With every garment, every design, every presentation, every runway show and every event, I fall in love with the details again and lose myself in them. I love to feel the fabrics on my skin and let them slip through my fingers. That’s exactly what leaves its mark on my soul.’