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Advent time is Hygge time

The more you talk to people about Hygge, the more definitions you get to know and the quicker you come to the conclusion: Hygge does not have a general definition. For some, hygge means spending time with family or friends. Simply the evenings when time flies by, when you can let yourself go and forget about appointments, obligations and stress. In short, the time when you feel like you're in for a treat. The word hygge itself is derived from the old Nordic word "hyggja", which stands for emotional and spiritual satisfaction and for a place where one feels safe and can recharge one's batteries with new strength and courage.

Hygge is our lucky compass

Hygge stands for a very special feeling. Namely the pure appreciation of the present. One is grateful for the moments, people and things that are priceless and make life so much more valuable. For us, Hygge is like a compass that shows us the way to all the little things and moments that completely fill us with happiness. Especially the cosy evening hours with friends in the winter time are such hygge moments. Sit together by candlelight and chimney warmth and let the day end comfortably. The hyggelige winter lives from community and taking time for the really important things in the life - because the large luck lies in the small things!

"Balancing life, pressing the pause button and enjoying the little things."

Hygge is your extra time

Hygge can't be forced. Such hygge moments cannot arise with planning and excessively high expectations.

Hygge means cosiness. That means: Just turn off your head, let yourself fall, enjoy the moment in the here and now and make sure that you're really well."