Tamaris International Shoe fashion and style tips

The next Christmas Market & New Year’s Eve can come!

Finally the Christmas market comes round again! In a casual look, Louisa cuddles up in our casual woollen scarf and the cosy, warm booties. The coarse cap matching the shiny bag and belt create exciting highlights!

With our rose gold wristwatch, we have nothing against being more careful about timekeeping. Louisa adds an elegant accent to the coarse knitted hat and our soft woollen scarf.

Get on the dance floor! Louisa shows you how to perfectly stage glitter, glamour and lacquer! With this glossy pump, the classic design in a modern look will immediately make your head spin! It fits well with everything and ensures a perfect New Year's Eve appearance.

Who dares, wins: Louisa combines our silver pumps with tight tube pants in a lacquer look and we are thrilled! How would you stage the shoe?

Louisa from the blog www.louiblog.de