Tamaris International Shoe fashion and style tips

Freedom, the new collection

The new collection that the popular face of fashion Marcel Ostertag will be presenting this season is inspired by the idea of “Freedom”: Marcel perceives freedom as a return to the essentials; transforming seconds into hours and celebrating life as an endless party. This approach is reflected in his new collection as well: party-styles inspired by the 70s, elaborately crafted appliquéd insects as a symbol of freedom, or the stylish disco designer models – the diversity of the collection reflects endless freedom.

Disco fever

Delicately crafted details and fine appliqués lend the pumps and sandals designed by Marcel a special, elegant touch for the dance floor.

The big bug

Did you know?

The scarab beetle symbolises life, resurrection and freedom. What’s more, it’s also super stylish!

The scarab beetle symbolises freedom and has been used in the designs along with elaborately crafted appliquéd insects for a guaranteed hip and casual look.

Back to the 70s

In the style of the seventies silhouette, the designs feature colours such as muted brown or orange. Turquoise elements and transparent heels give these models that certain something!