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Kissed by the muse!

Many muses live in the shadow of great artists. Not so with Marcel Ostertag. With his new collection "Muse" the designer gives his sources of inspiration a big stage. He takes us on a journey that describes the intimate relationship between him and his muses in bright colours.

The life of a designer is exciting and varied. Many impressions are collected and transformed into new collections in a creative creation process. To this end, Marcel Ostertag embarks on a new journey every season. To gather inspiration, he dreams of past decades and captures their emotions. Like no other, his collections tell stories that not only inspire, but also suggest reflection and mindful consumption. With his Spring/Summer 2019 collection, the designer would now like to thank all his creative sources - those that spur him on to new and courageous ideas again and again. Thus, his muses have also inspired him to the joy of colour and attention to detail of the new MARCEL OSTERTAG X TAMARIS collection.

The new collection "MUSE" lets us walk over a floral rainbow: From yellow to lilac and light blue to pink and coral, there are no limits to the variety of colours. Just as boundless is the use of different shoe types with which Marcel Ostertag skilfully stages his runway creations. Whether booties, mules or pumps - the special thing here lies in the details such as rose-golden buckles, colour-matching bows or courageous fringes as a relic of the seventies. Iris blossoms not only adorn clothing, they also conjure up an exciting all-over look with floral prints on bootees. The popular signature piece, the acrylic heel, has also been taken up again in this collection and becomes an absolute eye-catcher in combination with feminine shoe models.



A decade that has always electrified Marcel. Bold fringes and transparent acrylic heels recall the freedom of this era.


Shimmering glitter materials are not only reminiscent of disco balls, but also of the colours of a rainbow.


The iris blossom is used as an all-over print on clothing and bootees.


The Greek protective goddesses of the arts were called muses (gr. "Mousa"). Today, muses mostly refer to women who inspire and encourage artists to creative achievements. For Marcel, muses are people who shine through personality and have an attitude. He dedicates his new collection to them: "My muses include inspiring personalities such as Grace Jones and David Bowie, but also all the people around me inspire me. I wanted to give these people a big stage and say thank you to everyone who has supported me for the last twelve years!


"We attract each other.
Magic is in the air when we both enter the room.
We have an electrifying effect on silent viewers.
You, surrounded by sweetness and grace.
I, from creativity and you, the muse, kissed.
We can only kiss each other.
Without each other, we are nothing.
Every ray of sunlight is captured to let your blossoms bloom.
Every second is absorbed to drape silk around your body.
I let a sea of flowers grow for you,
so that you kiss me every morning anew."