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Marcel Ostertag in street style

Marcel Ostertag was kissed by the muse for his new spring/summer collection. "Muse" is an artistic homage to all his personal sources of inspiration. Also bloggers inspire us again and again with their exciting looks and their creative way to put the outfits in scene. Louisa and Caroline show you how you can best style the exclusive designer pieces in everyday life.

Whether booties, mules or pumps - the special thing about the "Muse" collection lies in the details such as rose-golden buckles or matching bows.

"I like to play with contrasts in my looks, they make every outfit more exciting for me. That's why I prefer to wear my pink suit with my feminine, bordeaux sandals".


In search of inspiration, Marcel Ostertag likes to dream of past decades. The seventies were a special time for him. It was an exciting time of change and freedom. His shoe collection is therefore full of creative moments from this age, such as casual fringes or shimmering glitter materials, which are not only reminiscent of disco balls, but also of the colours of a rainbow.

"For me, a shoe must either be classic or have that certain something. Here I love the combination of fringe and wedge heel, just an eye-catcher! The perfect shoe for the day and for the party afterwards".