Tamaris International Shoe fashion and style tips


Vertical, horizontal, narrow or wide – stripes are trendy and come in a variety of different thicknesses. Coco Chanel's classic style has never really been out of fashion and is reflected in the coming season at Tamaris in soft shades of blue and lilac.

The à la Parisienne look is transferred to the shoes and appears in a variety of different ways: a timeless design on court shoes, playful striped mules with bow or casual-style on sneakers - the look is all about the stripes.

Blogger Franzy shows you how to perfectly stage the look!

Franzy from the blog www.fashionforffranzy.com

The combination of styles for the trendy, full-body stripy look is particularly eye-catching. But maritime stripes can also be a cool combination used as a fashion highlight with a simple outfit.

Good to know!

When you see stripes, you quickly think of the typical all-time favourite sailor T-shirt. Back in those days, there were fixed rules on how many stripes the T-shirts should have: for example, the T-shirt that the French sailors wore had 21 stripes as a reminder of Napoleon's 21 battles. The Dutch uniform on the other hand had only 12 stripes based on the number of human ribs. The sailors used this to look like skeletons to protect themselves from the curses of the "ghosts of the seas".