Tamaris International Shoe fashion and style tips

New York Fashion Week

It was for the fourth time, that fashion designer Marcel Ostertag presented his collection at the New York Fashion Week - naming his collection “Freedom” this time. We'll show you what the corresponding Marcel Ostertag X Tamaris shoe collection looks like, what makes it stand out, and also take you behind the scenes - so hold your breath!

Its not just the designer Marcel Ostertag who begins a new, exciting journey every season until he presents his collection to a wide audience; its a long journey for the models too. About 350-500 models come for the New Yorker Casting, but only 15 make it to the show! What is it that Marcel and his team look for in a model? “It varies from season to season - each collection requires different types of models.” Not only should they be perfect for the respective hair & make-up look that would represent the outfit, but they should also “have a positive energy about them and should not be too thin. Our customers are strong women and that has to be reflected in the models as well”, says Marcel.

Let the show begin

After a successful casting, a typical day at the New York Fashion Week starts at 6 am: “There’s no specific daily schedule - when we travel to New York, the full show is already in the run-up stage and our daily schedule is often based on other dates and events around our show,” says Marcel. Basically, the team can reach the location just 3.5 hours before the show starts. The entire run, the collection, the outfits – everything needs to be planned to the T by this time. Once the crew and the models reach the venue, we start with the hair & make-up. The collection is assembled and ironed simultaneously, and the sequence in which the models should appear on the catwalk is sorted. There’s absolutely no time to relax! The first look is styled just15 minutes before the show; then comes the moment of truth when its time to hit the catwalk!

Back to the catwalk? That would be great! But there are hours and hours of hard work before an idea converts into an actual show.

Glimpses of the backstage:

Fittings are done and make-up is refreshed 15 minutes before the show starts and then its time to hit the ramp!

Euphoria after the show

Even after participating in so many shows, there’s still a bit of excitement after every show and it manifests itself in positive euphoria: “Half a year of hard work gets presented in all of 20 minutes.” Having completed 21 shows at the Berlin Fashion Week, Marcel and his team are so experienced that there are hardly any glitches. After the show ends, the entire team goes out for dinner together: “This is a great ritual and always a highlight at the end of such an exhausting yet successful day”, says Marcel.