Tamaris International Shoe fashion and style tips

Outdoor Survivor – warm boots for cold days

Inspired by the beauty of nature, the motto "Outdoor Survivor" is all about the golden season: colourful oceans of leaves, crystal-clear lakes and deep forests now provide special moments. Tamaris follows natures’ call and transports us mentally into the powerful play of colours of autumn, which is also reflected in the collection. Lined boots in natural "Earthy Colours" such as olive, beige or brown invite us to long walks.

Woollen sweaters and cuddly cardigans become the favourite companions of warm zip-, sneaker- and lace-up boots. Perfect for all outdoor survivors who prefer to spend the whole day outside. New look for the golden season? Blogger Louisa shows you her cuddly feel-good looks. Most important styling partner: Warm boots and soft accessories like hats and scarves.

Sneaker soles may make the warm-lined boots suitable for woods and meadows, but in fact they are also trendy companions which are styled into casual layered looks while strolling through the city. Warm linings ensure that Louisa will not get cold feet, while brims and lacings on the shafts serve as visual highlights.

Louisa from the blog louiblog.de