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The secret of perfect high heels

Our innovative Tamaris Heart & Sole insole technology!

The concept is as simple as it is ingenious: Three zones of the sole relieve the foot at crucial points ensuring extreme softness and outstanding comfort. Two additional soles cushion the steps and reduce pressure when wearing high heels. Now discover the pure love of high heels – without compromising on comfort.

The three zones

The first zone forms a hollow from the heel, relieving the ball of the foot and distributing the weight more evenly over the entire high heel. The second zone supports the natural arch of the foot, giving the foot better support. Most women feel the strongest pressure on the ball of their foot. This is where the third zone comes in, providing relief by specially elevating the sole.

Two additional soles

Two different materials are used in the sole, carefully selected for a specific purpose. The bottom layer is made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which is often used in the orthopaedic sector to give the customer as much support as possible. The second layer is made of Poron, which is often used in hiking boots owing to its shock-absorbing properties. The fine, top layer is made of suede leather. It ensures that the foot does not slip forward even in warm temperatures.