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What’s so special about Heart & Sole?

The concept is as simple as it is ingenious:

THREE zones on the insole to support the pressurized areas.

TWO special layers combined within the insole for perfect comfort.

ONE moment of patience to experience the “Heart & Sole” effect.

High Heel-love. Without compromises.


What is the secret of perfect high heels?

ELLEN: The secret of perfect high heels is more complicated than people might think. First of all, everybody’s feet are different and not everybody can walk for equally long periods or equally well on high heels, so the perfect height can be different for each person. Apart from this, I can say that the perfect high heel is like falling in love. The first thing you see is the look. Once you like the look, the actual magic happens, which is the last thing (balance and fitting) and a good insole (giving you the necessary support and comfort to walk on them all day long). Because it gives you the necessary support and comfort when walking. So here we are dealing mainly with the inner values of the shoe – hidden in our patented technology. We describe this “Heart & Sole” concept as “3 - 2 - 1 - Love!"

Can you explain this concept in more detail?

ELLEN: The insole was developed with an international team of medical specialists. Our patented technology will provide your foot with the necessary support when wearing high heels. The concept is as simple as it is ingenious: It’s 3 - 2 - 1 - LOVE! We have three zones on the insole to support the pressured areas. Two flexible and shock-absorbing layers are combined within the insole for perfect comfort and while trying the shoes on, we have one moment of patience to experience the “Heart & Sole” effect. But then it is uncompromising love of high heels. Every day, all day!

So, the three pressure points are the key to comfort? How did you find out about this?

ELLEN: Instinctively! As an experienced high heel walker, I felt these were the three points my feet needed support. But I didn’t want to make something based on instinct. I wanted a concept that was thorough. So I worked together with an international team of medical specialists and academics to create the perfect insole when wearing high heels.

People can buy orthopedic insoles from retailers, can’t they? What is better about “Heart & Sole” compared to other comfort insoles?

ELLEN: We didn’t create a typical orthopedic insole, nor did we start from that. We wanted to create an insole that relieved the foot of the woman as much as possible when wearing high heels. When doing this, we took everything into account. We started from the point where women needed support when wearing high heels and how much this should be. The result are the three different areas on the insole with specific heights. First of all, there is the ball-of-foot support where most women suffer pain (A). Secondly, we have a medial arch support which gives extra support to your foot (B) and last but not least, we have the heel cup which keeps your foot better in place, redistributes your weight, spreading the pressure more evenly instead of only on the ball of your foot (C).

ELLEN: In addition, we also had a look at the materials. In the insole, we have utilized two different materials which are chosen very carefully and with a purpose. The bottom layer is EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate), which is also used in the orthopedic sector and gives the necessary support. The second layer is Poron which is used in walking shoes and as a long-lasting shock absorber, providing all-day comfort. The top and finishing layer is suede which helps to prevent you from sliding to the front.