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Who invented Heart & Sole?

What is the secret of perfect high heels? Tamaris has found the answer and is revealing all in a world of unimagined wearing comfort from the 2017 autumn/winter season. “Heart & Sole“ represents an uncompromising love of high heels. Every day, all day!

How does a Belgian business woman get to revolutionize walking in high heels?

ELLEN: Having a soft spot for high heels, passion and frustration was the birth of the idea to make beautiful and comfortable high heels. When you go to a party for example, you put your heart and soul into dressing yourself elegantly, classy and feminine, but in the end your shoes end up next to the dance floor. Horrible, right? We all know the saying “Beauty knows no pain!” but I was convinced that women didn’t need to compromise on comfort to look beautiful. So I created wearable and walkable high heels for every day and occasion. That was the birth of “Tamaris Heart & Sole”.

There is more behind the name “Heart & Sole” than just a declaration of love, isn’t there?

ELLEN: Shoes are indeed a matter of the heart. It has been proven that women can literally fall in love with a pair of shoes (their heart rate goes up and they can’t get that pair of shoes out of their head). The word “sole”, you can interpret in two ways, as in soul or insole. “Heart & Sole” shoes have an insole, together with the wearer, you can see them as the soul of the shoes. Heart (shoes) and soul (insole and the woman wearing them) also belong together!

This topic of “shoes” seems to be very close to your heart. Has this always been the case?

ELLEN: Actually, I have a business background, but I have to say I’ve been a high heel fan all my life and am an experienced high heel walker with a passion for style and fashion! After my degree and having worked in the private sector for eight years, I became an entrepreneur out of this passion for high heels. I had my own highpriced shoe brand which was positioned in a higher segment which stood for “Comfort on high heels”. However, I really felt this was a concept that should not be limited to a higher price segment or to Belgium.

You have dissolved your own shoe label in the meantime and are pretty much a key player in developing the “Heart & Sole” collection with Tamaris. Was this a difficult step for you?

ELLEN: No steps are easy, but I can say I am really happy to do this with Tamaris! Previously I worked with a small group of people, now it is really a team effort! There are more possibilities in every way. And not only on the creative side! I have to say, it was the best step ever! Tamaris is a worldwide active brand known for good fitting, for its pumps and for being innovative, which made them the perfect partner for this technology. Our common goal was for every woman in the world to feel elegant and comfortable at the same time, which is why we created “Tamaris Heart & Sole".

How do women choose their shoes – according to comfort or aesthetics?

ELLEN: As a woman, I can say I choose them with my heart, it’s an emotion. After this, you try on the shoe, and that is where you will find the (in)sole and how the shoe feels … This is where our patented technology comes into play, which makes an important contribution to wearing comfort.

Are there times when you don’t wear high heels in private?

ELLEN: Very rarely, I must say. At home, I don’t always wear them and nor when I do sports. Although I must admit that I come home sometimes and forget I still have my high heels on.

What can we expect from “Heart & Sole” in future?

ELLEN: We will keep creating elegant and comfortable high heels! The technology will also be built into sandals. You probably wonder how that might look. Well, then I guess you just have to keep an eye on the Heart & Sole collection!

Thank you, Ellen!