Tamaris International Shoe fashion and style tips

Snakes are a symbol of temptation! How fitting, as the new reptile-look ankle boots are sure to lead any woman into temptation. That’s down to the textile uppers in authentic snake textures, which are giving feminine ankle boots a stylish makeover all over or combined with suede.

Name Lycoris
Code 1-1-25365-29
Material Textile
Color BLACK STRUCT. (006)
Price 59.95 € (EUR)
Name Maura
Code 1-1-25370-29
Material Textile
Color NAVY COMB (890)
Price 59.95 € (EUR)
Name Cypress
Code 1-1-25131-39
Material Synthetik
Color PLATINUM STRU. (949)
Price 69.95 € (EUR)