Tamaris International Shoe fashion and style tips

“Patch me if you can” is the motto of the hour – as the topsyturvy woven patch is the new tag of the fashion industry. Thanks to Mickey Mouse, comic prints and grinning smileys, every shoe now becomes an abstract piece of art and jeans are its most important fashion patron. As a material for sneaker uppers, the robust denim material becomes the canvass for colorful picture explosions á la Andy Warhol.

Name Poloma
Code 1-1-23633-28
Material Textile
Color WHITE (100)
Price 39,95 €
Name KENDRA Pouch
Code 7427171
Material Denim PU
Color denim (802)
Price 14,95 €
Name Radix
Code 1-1-23711-28
Material Textile
Color DENIM COMB (853)
Price 59,95 €
Name Mondeo
Code 1-1-23704-28
Material Textile
Color DENIM COMB (853)
Price 59,95 €
Name VERA Handbag L
Code 2008171
Material Denim PU/Metallic Poly
Color denim comb. (853)
Price 69,95 €
Name Marras
Code 1-1-23604-28
Material Structure Pu
Color OFFWHT. STRUC. (120)
Price 49,95 €