Tamaris Shoe fashion and style tips

Tamaris is launching its first collection developed in cooperation with a known face from the fashion world. Marcel Ostertag is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and most stylish fashion designers in Germany and is the only German designer who shows his collection both at the Berlin Fashion Week and the New York Fashion Week. Now with the “Marcel Ostertag by Tamaris” collection, he has created a bold, eye-catching designer edition exclusively for Tamaris featuring clear lines, meticulously worked details, artisan quality and comfort.

Name Irene
Code 1-27102-22
Material Leather
Name Koli
Code 1-28200-22
Material Leather
Color ROSE (521)
Name Heiti
Code 1-28309-22
Material Leather
Color BERRY (574)
Name Cynara
Code 1-28311-22
Material Leather
Color OLD ROSE (558)
Name Tuna
Code 1-22423-22
Material Leather
Color SUN (602)
Name Marras
Code 1-23747-22
Material Leather
Color ROSE PEARL COM (506)
Name Suri
Code 1-24411-22
Material Textile
Color RAINBOW (905)
Name Marras
Code 1-24703-22
Material Leather
Color BLEU SUEDE (823)
Name Tacita
Code 1-25314-22
Material Leather
Color LAVENDER (551)